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Diwali Pooja Thali Decoration 2017 ideas For Decorate Laxmi pujan Diya thali images wallpapers photos

in this article we are providing Laxmi Poojas Thali Decoration 2017 decoration amazing ideas with photos wallpapers images picturs pics, best creative diwali diya thali  for deepawali, celebrations, rituals, significance, traditions, customs, history, calendar, recipes, handmade greeting cards

Deepawali Puja Thali Decoration Images Ideas Decorate deep Thali

Diwali or Deepavali is a most popular festival of Hindu, Sikh, Jain and celebrate the vitory of good over evil with lots of crackers, sweets, gifts joy and full happiness. Diwali is the time to prayers to Lord Ganesha and Lord Maa lakshmi for peace, prosperity and wealth in your life.

Innovative and attractive craft items, beautifully decorated pooja thalis are meant both for the home and for gift giving. Pretty pooja thalis are specially decorated for the festive season of Diwali. Available in lovely shapes, these Diwali Pooja `Thalis' make for pretty festive gifts. The range is wide, the price varies with the commodity and the quality is to be vouched for. Creativity, innovation and decoration is the key for such business ventures.

Diwali pooja thali decorated by using different beautiful decoration Items like fresh flower petals, mirrors, acrylic paint, beads, sequins, laces, zari, gota, kalawa, etc. Some wonderful decorating iteas give a perfect look of you pooja thali. The all types of pooja thali available in lovely designs, colors & shapes like laxmi ganesha, subh om, bandhani, designer, swastik, marble aarti thali, painted swastika On marble, floral design wooden thali & more. This is a perfect for pretty festive gifts.


Diwali Pooja Thali Decoration Ideas

1. Take a round shaped thali.
2. In a little place draw the swastika sign with any colour you like
3. Take one diya shaped like a goddess. Place in the front side or middle.
4. Take some flowers of your choice, preferably hibiscus. Place these flowers on the thali.
5. Take a agarbatti stand and light some agarbati.
6. Take a small bell.
7. Than take the sonkha (The big thing like seashell used for praying god). If your thali has some space left fill that with colours.

Aarti thali with bindi decoratation
1. Cover ur thali by using any single colored paper.
2. Stick ur wasted bindi on this thali.
3. Make ur favourite design on the thali by using different styles of bindis.
4. Put a small dish with diya on it.
5. Also stick ganpati or laksmiji picture in it.
Your arti thali is ready.
Priyanka Shah

Flower Pooja Thali
1. Take a solid plate of any size.
2. Keep some flowers on the plate.
3.Spread the glitter onto the plate beautifully and place the pooja items.

Velvet Pooja Thali
1. Take a plane steel thali.
2. Cover it with a velvet cloth of any color.
3. Keep your pooja material on it.
4. Decorate a diya with golden color and place it on your thali.
5. You will get a adorably stylized velvet pooja thali.

Simple Thali Decoration
1. Take a plain thali.
2. Cut seven any colored cloth and cut it in such a way that a spiral of different colors is formed.
3. Decorate more stick mirrors sequences or any thing on it in a pattern.
4. Now place all the 'pooja items on it with placement of 7 diyas on it.

Pooja Thali with Laces
1. Take a plastic/steel plate.
2. Cover the plate completely by pasting different colored papers.
3. Decorate the plate with hanging golden laces all around and small mirrors in the corners.
4. Place statues of God Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi.

Mirror Mosaic Thali
1.Take steel plate or a ceramic plate.
2.Take little pieces of mirror of various shapes and make concentric designs of diyas, swastikas with the help of marker.
3. Now paste the mirror pieces over the design by keeping a distance of about 1 mm between each mirror.
4. Leave it for 5-6hours.
5. Make a paste with plaster of paris and fill all the gaps.
6. You will get a stunning mirror mosaic thali.

Simple Thali Decoration
1. Take any plate available at home.
2. Take some bright powdered colors.
3. Design a rangoli on the plate.
4. Then take 5 small sized plates.
5. Put it in the bigger plate.
Place a lighted diya on it.

Tissue Cloth Puja Thali
1. Take a plain thali.
2. Stick some paper on it.
3. Then take red or any colour tissue cloth. Cut it in a round shape, little big from plate size then piko it. Take golden ghungru and stitch them all around the border of the cloth.
4. Stick the cloth at plate. Then take some stone and stick for decoration. Place a Ganeshji photo and kalash for decoration.

Thali Decorated with Dupatta
1. Cover a thali with a bandej duppata or cloth.
2. Stick gota or lace along the dupatta.
3. Stick ghungroos or bells in the 4 corners of dupatta.
4. Place rose petals in corners and now place diya in between.
5. Your thali is ready.
Have a rocking Diwali!

Some of the common ways to decorate Diwali Puja Thali include -
Decorating Diwali Aarti Thali with Bindi Decoratation, Bandhani Cloth, Colorful Diya’s, Fresh Flowers, Mirrors, Thali Laces

There are special trays available in the market for making pooja thali, you can use these trays to prepare pooja thali or can buy a ready made decorated pooja thali from the market but it will be great if you prepared your pooja thali with your hand. So for preparing pooja thali firstly buy a rough tray and decorate it with things like gota, small mirrors, red ribbon ans other material can use in it. After that put the ingredients like rice, fruits and sweets, fresh flowers and candles in the thali. now your decorate pooja thali is ready for poojan.

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