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Halloween 2017 tips for ALLHALLOWEEN 2016 Festival

Here we are sharing some information about Halloween 2017 - Do's and Don'ts tips for ALLHALLOWEEN 2017 Festival

Halloween day 2017 is a special type of holiday that is celebrated in the western countries. This day has its roots to the deep past where it is a mixture of many cultures and many events of the past. This day is celebrated on the October 31st every year. People make special type of preparations for this event and they wait for the whole year for this event to come. Halloween is in fact a short form of the word All Hallows Evening. This event has its major influence from the Celtic festival known as Samhain (Sah-win). In those times there was a myth that on October 31st there opened a passage from the world of the dead to the world of the living and through that passage the evil spirits come to this land and they cause destruction on this planet so they used to make the devils faces on the pumpkins and use to dress themselves in the fancy clothes so that they look like the evil spirits.  

Every country and every nation in this world has its own kind of tradition and culture. Such a culture marks its existence and it allows that country to develop its own name in the heart of the world.  Some of the values are same in every culture of the world like to speak the truth, never tell a lie, don not steal any others thing, do not involve in adultery and do not do any such activity that could cause any ones else property or health. These all virtues and values are also included in the Ten Commandments. These values are strictly followed by the individuals who belong to that particular culture.

Every country in this world has its own peculiar kind of festivals, traditions and cultures. These traditions form the backbone of that country and help the people of the country to be recognized by those values or traditions. There may be much type of villages in the Africa and every village has its own customs and festivals. These cultures and festivals help to differentiate those tribes from one and another. Many civilized nations also have their own festivals like the tomato festival that is celebrated in the Italy has a very good repute in people all over the world. Every year many tourists fly to Italy in the season of this festival so that they can enjoy this festival and can add a memorable moment to the diary of their life. Similarly the great shopping festival of Dubai which is known as the hub of the world has its own significance. The festival is determined at providing people a place where they can shop for the cheap products. There they are supplied with large amount of variety of things that makes them easy to compare products and buy the desired product.


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