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Halloween Day 2017 Poems and Sayings –English and Hindi Poems

Halloween 2017 Poems and Sayings – English and Hindi Poems collections, poems for marathi,tamil, telugu, English, gujarati, bhojpuri, All Saint's day utsav Poetry in Hindi essays For Kids

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Halloween 2017 English US UK Poems

It’s late and we are sleepy,
The air is cold and still.
Our jack-o-lantern grins at us
Upon the window sill.
We’re stuffed with cake and candy
And we’ve had a lot of fun,
But now it’s time to go to bed
And dream of all we’ve done.
We’ll dream of ghosts and goblins
And of witches that we’ve seen,
And we’ll dream of trick-or-treating
On this Happy Halloween.

Bubble, blubber, squirm and gloop,
Boiling broth of bat’s tail soup.
Wobble, slobber, liquid goo,
Add the sole of one old shoe.
Spooky shadows dance around,
Of frogs and rats and snarling hounds.
Steam swirls rising to the roof,
Add one small ear and one old tooth.
Gnarly, scratchy, tickle and itch,
Stir round and round to make it rich.
Mushy, sticky, sizzle and stew,
They’re making mischief just for you.

Underneath the lamp post,
In the middle of the night,
A ghost bus make a silent stop,
A strange and fearful sight.

At the bus top at your corner,
Something big and green climbed down.
It’s looking for your bedroom,
And it has searched all over town.

You thought it couldn’t find you,
That you were safe and you were sound.
You thought that you could hide,
Where you never could be found.

But now it’s almost here,
You know it loves the dark of night.
There’s only one thing you can do,
Quick! Turn on the light!

I bought a mermaid costume
Some how I lost the scales
Wore it Halloween night
And looked just like a whale
Thought I’d dress as Dracula
On my face a little blood
Tripped on a cape that’s too long
And now my name is mud
White curly locks like Bo peep
A staff there in my hand
All the old men gave me Snicker
As down the street I ran
Dressed as Richard Simons
Right down to the shorts
All I got was fruit
And exercise of course
Dressed up like the king
And you thought Elvis dead
Of coarse I couldn’t sing
Just shook my booty instead
Dressed up as a turkey
Last Thanksgiving day
Missed Halloween completely
What else can I say
So have a happy trick or treat
Use your imagination
But when it comes to costumes
I’m Think? Ramification

I was runnin’ down the street
Cause something was grabbin’ at my feet.
I said I needed something to eat.
So I went to Micky-D’s and I saw a giant
flea and I threw my double cheese.
I got up on my feet and it was way worse than flea.
It was crazy zombies.

It’s time for Halloween,
A day for trick or treat,
When the kids dress up in costume,
And walk proudly down the street.
They ring alot of door bells,
And collect alot of candy too,
And if they happen to see a ghost,
They will be greated with a boo.
Pumpkins light up the windows,
And decorations adorn the front yard,
So be careful when you come in,
Because the skeleton will be on guard.
So go have alot of fun,
And don’t have any fear,
Because it will soon be over,
And you’ll have to wait till next year.

 The skeletons are out tonight,
they march about the street,
With bony bodies, bony heads
and bony hands and feet.
Bony bony bony bones
with nothing in between,
Up and down and all around
they march on Halloween.

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